Sunday, 30 December 2012
The Breakup Haircut Theory: Girls Cut Their Hair After a Heartbreak? Posted at 2:34 pm 1 comments (+)

Why do girls cut their hair after a break-up?

My friend once told me that when a girl gets a haircut, especially if it’s unexpected and it’s not just a trim, something happened. So that’s why while everyone else is saying, “Nice haircut!” “Wow, you cut your hair!” and the like, he would say, “What happened?” or “Who’s the guy?”

There is some truth to that; my other girl friends and I agreed. Hahaha. It’s the move on or break-up haircut that gives us the superficial sense of feeling better and pretty despite whatever happened (i.e. a break up). It gives us a feeling of a fresh look, a fresh start.

I know a real story. It starts out like this.

And ends up like this.

One More Chance (Basha) inspired hairstyle. For a change and new look. 

This is the shortest I’ve gone. And yes, it does give me a superficial sense of fresh start and confidence.

I have a number of friends who are like this, too.

To further attempt to prove a point, even Basha (Bea Alonzo) got a haircut after a break up with Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) in the ultimate break-up movie One More Chance! (Fan girl alert) Hahaha. Do you know of other movies that show this act of breakup haircut?


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