Monday, 3 December 2012
I am just trying to find myself. Posted at 11:19 pm 2 comments (+)

I remember feeling lost. Constantly feeling lost. I would be lying, if I told you I didn’t feel that way every now and again. Its the worst feeling you could possibly feel.

Lonely, drained, worthless, useless, dark, cold-hearted, LOST! Its as if, someone kidnapped you. Stuck you in the middle of woods at night. Without a flashlight. Without a map. Without any knowledge of where you are. No hints. Nothing! And just told you to find your way back.

Its not easy. Not one bit. And I’m still trying to find my way back. Its been 6 years. But every now and then my mind decides to rest in a peaceful place and sometimes it could stay there for hours, days, weeks, sometimes even months. But eventually it has to start searching again.

I don’t know what for! I don’t know why it cant stay where its at. But its searching for something maybe, answers. I don’t know. But I know its ready to be free of these thoughts and the faster it can find my way back home, the faster it can ease itself.

I’m ready to be eased of pain, anger, hate, revenge. This cold dark place my mind sends me. I’m not that kind of person. And I hate that it makes me feel this way.

I swear I’m not crazy!


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