Sunday, 18 November 2012
Take me away. Somewhere far away. Posted at 10:27 am 2 comments (+)
I want to go somewhere far away, where no one knows my name, and where I can relax. I just want to get away from everyone and breathe. So much stress has consumed me that I don’t even know how to clear my head and just breathe. I need to get away.

"Blue skies and open air
There's a place for us away
Take me away somewhere far away
Beyond the sun
Take me away somewhere far away..."

That's how I exactly what I feel right now. Just want to go away somewhere. It just feels like travelling to a different place. Discover new cultures and meet new people and just be a free bird! 

I wanna go somewhere, somewhere far away. So far away, it's not on the map. I want the wind to blow through my hair, and only my hair. I want to see hundreds of miles away, and not see any bump in my path. I want to be able to relax, not worry about one thing. I want to be somewhere far away, With you.


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