Monday, 24 September 2012
I won't stoop down to your level. Posted at 4:19 PM 0 comments (+)
Hate me all you want. Spread lies. Continue convincing yourself that you haven't done anything wrong. Continue planting lies on other people's head because you want their sympathy. Continue doing that malicious evil deeds of yours. Continue being the pathetic person that you strive to be. 

I wouldn't care anymore. And no I won't stoop down to your level. I would stand up, dust the dirt away, lift my head up and go the other direction. 

I'll continue to shrug my shoulders and walk away from all the lies you spread and all the harsh words you uttered. I'll continue to ignore you as if you're just a speck of annoying dust. I'll continue doing things that I know you can't and will not be able to do. I'll continue going to places that you can never see nor reach (or atleast make sure i'll get there first) I'll continue to love which I know you are never capable of because of all the hatred in your heart. 

Today, I'm turning my back away from all that is selfish, unjust and loathful which you so represents, because from now on i'll always walk in love.

And I am forgiving you.. For hurting me, for spreading lies about me, for destroying my dreams.

No I won't take revenge. There's higher power who can do that for me. And when that higher power finally decided to give you that "whip" of bad karma you'll remember me. Oh yes, you'll remember me. 


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