Friday, 29 June 2012
Passion for writing. Posted at 8:32 PM 0 comments (+)
I felt like expressing myself. I still have a passion for writing. I just couldn't stop typing.

Im a simple yet complicated pinay girl. I speak my mind which sometimes gets me in a shit load of trouble. Weird and moody. I have a major problem with my mood swings. Im laughing one minute then the next im a bitchhh. Im dramatic. But im only like that on my mental days. Im a superrrr kid at heart. Love my friends they're the greatest and so are certain members of the family. And of course the one and only boyfriend. Loyal and trustworthy no doubt. But if i hate you then i hate you i have my reasons to hate certain people. I wont hate them just because they're ugly. My greatest sin is envy. Dont ask me why cause i dont even know myself. I love having fun. Malls. Parties. Movies. Sitting around doing nothing. Eating a bunch of food. Whateverr as long as im with the people i love im good. I like the numbers 07 and 22. The color purple is my main fave color but pink, black and red is on the list also. I love hott, cute, sexy underwear. Boxers interest me cause of the patterns and such.

I drink. I party. I curse. I talk back. I bitch. Im mean. I sin. I hate. I freak dance. I mess up, badly. Some people havnt seen that side of me cause i dont like to show it. But i do have that side. Im not all nice. But im not all bad. You'll never see me super drunk and throwing up all over the place. If ever you see me drunk im just red and laughing my ass off and trying to keep my balance. I do have my limits and i try not to pass them. You wont see me cheating on my boyfriend. EVER. Im not like that. You wont ever see me do drugs just for the heck of it. No let me rephrase that, you wont ever see me do drugs PERIOD.

If you come up to me to ask me about a rumor you heard about me i will have major respect for you. You have guts and i never like to ignore the good traits of a person. I do respect people. I have major respect for my mother because of the things shes gone through and is still going through. I respect and fear God. But i have to admit that i sometimes feel like i've lost him. But i knows he's there. There is a higher power. I respect and look up to people who are talented and who are filled with knowledge. When you're talking to me look at me striaght in the eye. Dont ask me why. Just do it.

I hate people who give me the weirdest looks. I mean damn bitch. Stop staring. I hate being stared at. But i feel the need of attention from certain people. I hate super fake people. I mean who doesnt? I admit that i can be fake. But to a limit. I usually tell the people what really annoys me about them. I cant keep quiet when i hate someone. I hate way to perfect people. No not jealous. I hate the fact that they try so hard to be perfect but then COMPLAIN?! I mean to hell with you! They're blessed but they still complain. I hate it when those kind of people try to get something that means so much to you. Or gets the attention of someone close to your heart. Because like i said they're close to perfect but they still try to get something from you that keeps you happy. I can't explain it. But im sure you get the point.

And this isnt even the end of it. Theres more but i would like to keep it to myself.


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