Saturday, 22 October 2011
That night when you can't help but let tears fall. Posted at 11:17 PM 0 comments (+)
You don’t know if you can make it. your eyes sore, you can’t breathe. you keep on crying for a reason you can’t explain. have you ever felt that? that feeling when you’re losing someone you love. you couldn’t patch things up, you couldn’t make it better. it feels like you’re letting go of a relationship that took so long to build. it hurts because you have invested so much emotions for that person and yet, you feel like he’s not in love with you anymore. and all that’s left to do is cry wishing that tomorrow when you wake up, the pain will go away. but unfortunately, it won’t and you will continue to repeat the same night crying for that someone, until the day you realized that it’s already over and you’re going to be fine.


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