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A Secret Affair is a 2012 romance drama film directed by Nuel Naval, and it stars Anne Curtis (Rafi - the girlfriend / fiancee),  Derek Ramsay (Anton - the boyfriend / fiance)  and Andi Eigenmann. (Sam - the friend / the third party) It's a love triangle story. 

Movies with third party relationships, betrayal, infidelity, cheating and unfaithfulness are too mainstream in the Philippine movies nowadays. From “No Other Woman”, to “The Mistress” and here’s “A Secret Affair”. A Secret Affair tackles the same theme about lies, temptations and rules in a relationship.

The movie is all about a couple who are madly and deeply in love with each other. After two and a half months of dating together, Anton proposed to Rafi. During the preparations for their upcoming wedding, Rafi, the fiancee, was pressured with all the comments she has been hearing from everybody and all the happenings in her life. Her confusion and fears led her to leaving Anton and becoming a run-away bride. On the night before their wedding, she went to her fiance's condominium unit, returned the engagement ring and left without giving explanations to Anton.

Rafi traveled abroad and there, she found herself. Meanwhile, Anton got his heart broken and Sam, Rafi's sorrority sister, was ready to help him heal. She was there when he was hurting. Then, they became fucking buddies - casually hooking up. For Anton, Sam is just another woman. He still loves Rafi despite what the latter has done to her. So, as expected, when Rafi came back home and explained the reasons for her disappearance, she and Anton got back together. This broke Sam's heart which motivated her to ruin the relationship of her love and her close friend. 

The story revolves around a man who loves someone so much, a woman who has been betrayed by the love of her life and another woman who fell in love at the wrong time and at a wrong person. It is truly heart breaking to see each of them suffer the consequences of what they have done. A relationship was destroyed because of a selfish woman and a friendship was destroyed because of a man who has committed a mistake.

In this movie, you will learn the value of trust in a relationship. Betrayal is like a poison. Once the other party has committed it, it is impossible for the relationship to be at its best. Despite all the efforts and considerations made, there will still be more misunderstandings, doubts and problems. There are some who can survive the infidelity and unfaithfulness. They are the ones who are strong enough to ignore the pain and disregard the doubts in their minds and hearts. When trust is broken, the relationship will never be the same again. Well, the decision depends on how the lovers believe in their love for each other. 

Below are some of the quotable quotes from the movie "A Secret Affair." 

Spoiler alert: Do not read this post if you wish to watch the movie this week or for the coming weeks.

Memorable Line: “Kaya kabit ang tawag sa kanila kasi daig pa nila ang epoxy kung kumabit. Kaya querida kasi mga kiri. Kaya mistress kasi nakaka-stress.”

"Before I met you, I thought I had a perfect life. And you came into the picture and turned my life completely. you made me realize what true love is. You made me realize what happiness is."

"Raffy, will you give me the honor of marrying you? Marry me."

"What made you so sure that I would say yes?"
"Well, I am good looking, charming and uhhh, you haven't said no to me yet."
"Is that so?"

"But you're getting married."
"What happened before I met Raffy shouldn't be an issue, right?"

"You can't not be there. It's my wedding."

"What makes you think I'm hitting on you?"
"Aren't you?"

"I mean, casual hook ups do happen."

"I hate myself for being affected. I mean I always have everything I wanted except for a stable relationship."

"You don't always need to make sense, right?"

"Ma, do you ever regret na si Daddy ang pinakasalan mo?
"No. But there are things I would have done differently if I've known better."

"Tomorrow is the first day of your life. No turning back."

"Marriage is a sentence. A life sentence. It has to be served."

"It's more of her option. Not mine."

"Being away helped me."

"Do you think we're just a casual hook up?"
"I don't want to put labels. It will complicate things."

"I understand if you don't want to talk to me ever again. But I want you to know that I;m really sorry."
"Raffy, you hurt me."
"I don't know what to say. But I'm so sorry."
"That's it? I don't get any explanation? I don't get anything from you?"

"Everything happened so fast. I was afraid."

"I wanna stay married because I want to. I want us to last."

"Do I still want me back?"

"Eh diba kahit alam natin na mali ang isang bagay, ginagawa pa rin natin kasi kailangan."

"Sana pati ugali pwede i-photoshop noh?"

"I wanted you even before she did."

"Bakit kailanngan si Raffy pa? Bakit hindi nalang ako?"

"I am capable of ruining what you have with Raffy."

"So how long has this secret affair has been going on? Actually, it doesn't matter. One day, one week, one month, a year or two years, it is still an affair."

"What do you want me to believe? That it is possible for you to be physically unfaithful and emotionally faithful?"

"Cheating is not an accident. It's a choice."

"Nasa yoga ako pero gusto kong punmatay ng tao."

"Don't confuse love with sex, sweetie."

"Twisted psychotic delusional little head."

"Anong akala mo sa pambababae? Parang flash flood na kapag tumigil ang ulan, huhupa na ang baha? Kaya ikaw lumpas ka na hanggang maaga pa. Huwag ka ng maghintay ng kritikal level.."

"Oh dear. there is something wrong with your brain. What goes around, comes around, bitch."

"I'll fix this. Okay?"

"What is wrong with you? I can love you better, way better than she did."

"Please choose me."
"I already chose Raffy. I don't love you."

"We're pathetic. We deserve each other."

"Well, I intentionally wanted to hurt you."

"Alam mo saan masarap magkape? Sa burol mo."

"I have to suffer the consequences of my actions... of my stupid actions."

"You're such a strong woman. 'Di ka naman tanga. Ang sabi mo nga, kaya mo kaming ipaglaban ng patayan? Bakit hindi ang sarili mo? Bakit hinayaan mo si Daddy sa babae niya?"

"I could have done more."

"Betrayal, in all forms, is painful. It can make you go crazy. But we all have choices on how to deal with it. Do we just go away or stay?"

"Shut up. Bitch ka lang, ako super bitch."

"Anong ikakaso mo sa akin?"
"Trespassing? Eh di ba asawa ko ang nagbabayad dito? Adultery? Eh diba ako nga ang asawa?"

"Raffy, you are the perfect girlfriend. I don't wanna lose you. I can't lose you. Please give me another chance."

"Hindi ko alam kung ano ang mararamdaman ko. But okay, let's give us another try but this time, let's do it differently."
"Anything you want. I love you."

"She is going to be here."
"I know. But she's history."

"I'm just gonna ignore how you humiliate yourself para naman may matira pa akong respeto pa sa'yo."

"Now, you're threatening me?"
"It's not a threat. It's a promise."

"Mom, what's wrong with us? Why do men always leave us? Mahirap ba tayong mahalin?"
"No, that's not true. Think of us na parang prize sa amazing race. Ang sumusuko, talo."

"Remember, we don't need anyone who does not need us."

"We will always have each other, Sam. I love you and I will always do no matter what."

"Raffy, I wanna be married with you. Please. Please Raffy, will you marry me?"

"There has been betrayal. There's been lies. And even if I know you didn't want to hurt me, ginawa mo pa rin.."

"We have become two different people, Anton."

"Yun nga yung sayang eh. I know the love is there pero wala na yung trust. And as much as I would like to fix this, the damage has been done."

"I just want to forget all these and move on. And not with you."

"Betrayal and infidelity in secret is still betrayal and infidelity."

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