Thursday, 6 September 2012
Get well soon lovely. Posted at 9:55 pm 0 comments (+)
My cousins operation was successful! I want to say THANK YOU so much for all the prayers that have been said for my cousin as she went through operation. I really do appreciate them. So far she's doing okay. I'm happy to say my cousin came through it all. Thanks again to y'all. Your support is such a blessing. ❤

So, I visited my cousin a while ago. She is such an inspiration to me because I know what she went through. Cloe is so strong and I hope one day I can be as strong as her. Get well soon, cousin. Love love! ❤❤❤

Bald boyfriend. Haha! I love it when he smiles and stares at me like that. ^o^

Oh-so-lovelyyy girl. Hope you'll soon be feeling fine the way you were before because things just won't be the same until you're well once more. ☺

Cloe keeps making fun of boyf, lmao. So cute! :'> 
I had took some photos but sadly, all of it were low quality because I just used my phone.


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