Wednesday, 22 August 2012
'Til death do us part. Posted at 10:28 pm 0 comments (+)
This video made me cry. This is really sad. Breaks my heart. </3 :'( Okay guys, I just want to clarify this matter. This guy is NOT my boyfriend. I just grabbed the video from other girl, from someone I don't even know personally. Mkay? 

This is my boyfriend. He's the BEST ever. He passed away last August 12, 2012, only two days before our 2nd Anniversary, August 14, 2012. God knows how much I love him. If only I could turn back time, then I would make things right, and I would still see his beautiful face.

He is an SK Chairman of Brgy, Valenzuela, Makati City. He got stabbed to death because he was protecting and defending his friend. HE IS A HERO. I thought he would fight, because he has always been a fighter. Maybe he just can't take it anymore and thought that he needs to rest. Besides, I know God just needed another angel.

I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HIM. I could write up a whole book explaining how much I love him, but I'm sure it will still NEVER be enough.

To all the people who are in relationship right now, just getting started, experiencing problems and is currently on the point of breaking up, or even already married. Please take care of your partner. You will never know when will they be gone. Take care of them, cherish every moment, and love them like there's no tomorrow. Every second counts. 

Death ends a life, not a relationship... ♡


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