Tuesday, 3 July 2012
Hmmmm, rain. Posted at 10:05 AM 0 comments (+)
It's been raining here for days. Whether you like it or not, rainy days are sure to come when you least expect it. Whether it just be droplets of water, a heavy rain or a destructive typhoon, admit that rainy days are the type of weather that can give you mixed emotions. I hate it, but I LOVE IT. I ask for it, and then I take it back. But one thing that I can be sure of, is that I get the same cold and solitary sensation every time it rains.

As always, a perfect cup of hot coffee or beverage would be really tempting to set off this so- called rainy day. A cup of hot coffee to keep me warm. Love the cold weather. Another day to be spent curling in bed. I'm loving this.  

My chocolatte coffee. 

Rain rain go away, come again another day. I sang this poem yesterday that's why rain come today. Oh I just love it when it rains. So dull and gloomy morning. ☁ 


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