Monday, 18 June 2012
Souvenirs d'enfance. Posted at 11:21 am 0 comments (+)
I just want to share my childhood pictures.

Childhood faded away, to a far far away land, simple, so simple were we, days of play, going our way, Having fun, no care, for another day, time for us stood still, playing king of the hill. Childhood faded away thinking of another day, summer time was fine, when friends were kind, swiming holes were filled, our hearts were thrilled. Childhood faded away to a time that makes me sway. Many years have passed away, since childhood faded to another day. Childhood faded to places, UNKNOWN TO US, floating somewhere in time.

I was surprised at that time. Haha.

Myself, my eldest cousin and my sister. So cute, haha!

So obviously, that's me and my dad. Lmao. I'm such a daddy's girl.

Every time I see this photo, I miss my Grand dad who passed away a long time ago. I'm close to him, I love him so much and he was the best grandfather for me. I miss his smile. We haven't even said goodbye because at a snap of a finger, at a blink of an eye, we lost him forever. 

My grandparents are one of the most amazing people I have in my life. However, this piece is all about my grandfather, whom I missed so much for years now. This is my little tribute to him, although he cannot be able to read this anymore but I know he can feel and see what is exactly in my heart at this very moment. This is my little way of thanking him for being a big part of my journey through life back in my childhood years until this very day. During those moments, you never failed in showing us how wonderful you are as a person. 

You are not just a great provider and a father to your children but most importantly, you are the greatest grandfather in the world. I am just so fortunate to have a person like you who can offer so much love, thus, makes me feel happy and contented.

I remembered before, when I was still very young. I used to go to my grandparents’ house right after every school year and spent my summer vacation there. It was a lot of fun since they have showered me with so much affection that is very essential to a growing child.

I missed the days when my grand father used to protect me from anything or anyone that can potentially hurt me. When I am with him, I feel so secured that no one can harm me when he is around. I missed the way he tells me how proud he is of me even though it was just a little achievement. I missed to hear from him the flattering remark about the way I look that I badly needed to feel good about myself and to boost my self-esteem. I will never forget how he said to us that he had rather carry all the pain that we have to go through in life than seeing us in a difficult situation and in pain. Reminiscing that moment when he was saying those words while in tears can really make me cry.

I just wished that I had more time to spend with him. But I know he is already happy wherever he is right now since he is now with the Lord. I just want to tell my grandfather, my “lolo”, from the bottom of my heart, I love you very much. I appreciate all the things you have done for us and I cherished those moments we had when you were still with us. I promise to take care of “lola” , for the rest of my life.

So there, as you can see, I'm close to my dad too. Best dad in the world. I love him more than anything in this world. 


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