Wednesday, 13 June 2012
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One Direction is the most amazing boyband ever, they are cute, they sing really well, and their songs are just perfect! I can honestly say I am a Directioner! I think that they will become one of the greatest artist ever. Because on their own they are good, but when they start singing together thay are just AMAZING! Especially Zayn, he really makes their band more alive when he sings, his the human echo.

One Direction is the first band I've fallen in love with from the beginning. They started as solo artist in the show X-Factor and made its way through boot camp, but was put in a group so all their talents wouldn't go to waste. Since then, they had stolen millions of girls hearts nationwide. I feel that people who 'hate' them should give them a chance because they are different than all those other bands where they 'show-off' and try to be cool as they can be. One Direction is not afraid to be weird, and embarrassed. For example, LARRY STYLINSON. A couple name (made by fans) between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. They try to give all their supporters the best by taking time with them when they can. Some lucky fans find and meet them on the streets just roaming around, and they do actually talk to them. I'm a proud directioner.

What I like about these boys that they are so natural and down-to-earth. They treat their fans with love, and they act like normal teenagers. They go for drinks and party, and they’re all legal. They don’t pretend to have that squeaky clean image. They love playing pranks on each other, and to Simon Cowell, too! They have realeased such great songs and plus they are so hot! They have great voices and really talented and I love their accents! They make the perfect band with all 5 boys in it.

Everything about them is just amazing. All of the members have something special, and when they're together, they are totally perfect. They deserve all the fame they're getting right now. They are already known world-wide!

I love you Louis Tomlinson and all the rest. They're amazing, talented, sweet. And that's what makes them beautiful.

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