Thursday, 3 May 2012
MY FAVORITE COUPLE OF THE CENTURY. ♡ Posted at 1:08 pm 0 comments (+)
One Direction are dating here, there and everywhere at the moment, generally being loved and adored across the whole of the United States.

And although they are apparently finding it hard being away from home for so long, I'm glad to see Louis Tomlinson hanging out with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder in a sunny LA and looking very happy.

Louis Tomlinson and girlfriend Eleonor Calder out in LA.

To be honest, at the beginning I used to hate Eleanor with a passion. But now I love her to bits! She's beautiful and Louis is lucky to have her and she's lucky to have him.

One Direction arrives at Heathrow Airport wearing their pajamas.

Eleanor Calder, you flawless bitch!

I’m so jealous of how beautiful she is. And she’s not your stereotypical beauty either. There’s just something about her that is absolutely stunning. 

Eleanor’s really down to earth. She makes me fish finger sandwiches and it’s great to do something normal after the madness of the tour.

Aw, I love the fact that Louis and Eleanor are still able to find time to be together, considering One Direction have got a crazily hectic work schedule.

Really happy for them. Such a cute couple. ♡

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