Wednesday, 16 May 2012
Being in love is a precious feeling. Posted at 10:40 pm 0 comments (+)
Today I spent the day with my boyfriend. I had a lovely time with him, as always. c: 

I asked him about the other night when he was drunk and saying all this weird stuff and I just took it the wrong way. But me and him just chilled today and we were bums. I'm crazy for this kid. Lmao.

Any, the day before, I was having a bad day, so he made me sit there in front of him and let it all out, wiping my tears away, kissing my face, and holding me. He told me he loves me and will marry me someday. I couldn't ask for better. I am so in love. 

Honey, your LGMH every single day. ♡ 

I love you so much Rene Jay Flojo Tuaño. You're the best boyfriend I could ask for and I want you to be mine forever. What we have is real love, you know what real love is and so do I because we figured it out together. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, you make me so happy and special, you're absolutely indescribably perfect. 

I like it when he watches me sleep, I feel safe and protected. And yeah, I like to watch him sleep too, he's so cute and sweet. He looks so tender. And I like to see if he wakes up, because he can feel me staring at him. Haha. It seems like I am very much in love with boyfriend. ❤

Well, he's amazing. He made me extremely happy. :)


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