Monday, 26 March 2012
Sunday is family day! ❤ Posted at 12:51 am 0 comments (+)
Got home from SM Megamall. Had so much fun with family. Super bonding with them. My auntie and cousin from Chicago is finally here. Back home in the Philippines. They arrived yesterday. Actually it's morning already when they arrived. So happy to see them again! On April 13th they need to go back to Chicago again as soon as possible. Because my auntie works there and my cousin Norielle needs to go back to school. So yeah.

It is, for me the happiest day of my week. Oh! And it is on this day that our family would spend hours in the mall, window shopping and eating together. On our way to the mall, it was raining so hard. 

Meet my oh so beautiful auntie!

Auntie with sister.

Auntie and me.

Sister and cousin, Oliver.

At Mendez Spa.

Cloe and my camera shy girl cousin, Norielle. 

My Fiesta Plate Meal.

We still go to malls, watch movies and eat together as a family. All we do as a family really make our week complete. We get to talk a lot, not like in our younger years that we were all so playful.

We have nothing to regret today that we all still enjoy the company of one another. We have nothing to feel sorry about in the past because what we've all had yesterday, we still have today and so much more - our parents, all of us and all of our Sundays together. No time to reminisce, we are all still making so much memories together. 


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