Tuesday, 21 February 2012
Pangasinan Escapade. (Manaoag and Monasterio de Tarlac) Posted at 6:25 PM 0 comments (+)
Pictures was taken last last last Sunday. That was February 5 I think? I know this blog post is super late. Didn't blog this past few days because of my busy schedule. So yeah. Our first stop is Manaoag. 

Next stop is Monasterio de Tarlac. Such a lovely place!

With my cousin, Cloe.

Auntie and cousin.

Look! It's a yellow castle. 

Eating our lunch. 

Ate Me-an and her husband Kuya Jon.

Cloe and Kc. 


With Ate Jen.

Cousin Oliver and sister.

I had so much fun that day! Tired and exhausted at the same time but happy being with them. I'd love to go back there again anytime soon. :) 

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