Monday, 5 December 2011
Living in a hospital. Posted at 11:28 AM 0 comments (+)
I am sitting on my couch tonight. Feels so good to be home. Finally. Oh how I missed my comfy bed and pillows. FINALLY. I can rest and sleep peacefully. We will all get to sleep ALL night. Oh how I love home! There are no nurses waking us up multiple times every night! I am so happy to be home! :)) 

My mom is so happy to be home. As much as I love being at home and as many issues that I have had with the hospital staff over the last 4 days there is still something comforting about being at the hospital with your sick mom. Tonight I am so in love with being home but there is part of me that is scared. My mom was so sick. We came home once before and that did not end well. Tonight I am asking for continued prayers for healing. Please pray for my mom's fast recovery and that my mom will only continue to get better from here on out. 

I think it is now time to go sleep in my OWN BED for the first time in almost 4 days! Goodnight!

Believe... Prayer Works! ☺

Sleep deprivation. Hello, EYEBAGS.


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