Sunday, 18 December 2011
Lantern parade. Posted at 12:41 am 0 comments (+)
December. 16, 2011 - Lantern Parade. Had so much fun that day. 

APHS majorettes and flag bearers. (My alma mater)

APHS Drum and Lyre. (I used to play the lyre, oh I miss playing that instrument) And I used to be a member of APHS Drum and Lyre Corps.

Yummy puto bumbong.

Mami, yum yum.

We went to Ate Rlynn's (Boyf's cousin) crib for a while. 

My Rico Blanco ng buhay ko. Yay! 

Don't mind the annoying background, lmao.

With cutie patootie Thea. (Ate Rlynn's daughter)

Sorry for the blurred photos. I'm only using my phones camera.


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