Thursday, 24 November 2011
Higantes Festival 2011/Angono Town Fiesta. Posted at 10:14 AM 0 comments (+)
I'm going to blog about what happened yesterday. Angono Town Fiesta/Higantes Festival. It was fun. Really. I had so much fun yesterday. Ang tanging pinagkaabalahan ko lang kahapon is all about: Higantes Festival 2011 in Angono, Rizal.

Sobrang saya. Kakaiba magcelebrate ng fiesta kaming mga taga-Angono, sana ma-experience niyo rin. Kahapon ng umaga, nag-start ang prusisyon/parada 7am mula sa simbahan. At 11am, ang prusisyon ay nakarating sa Wawa River kung saan ang imahe ng patron saint San Clemente and ang imahe ni Mama Mary ay isinakay sa pagoda. At 2pm, nakabalik ang prusisyon sa simbahan. 

This is a very known tradition every year that we celebrate. They say that San Clemente, the patron here at Catholic church was a very good person way back and does miracles. According to Angono history, they got the said patron at "wawa," a known river in Angono. And that's why yearly Angonians never fail to parade San Clemente thru PAGODA. They said that whenever the Pagoda came from wawa with a lot of fishes it means a bountiful year for us but if not, maybe will try in the next years that will come. But during my existence here never it fails to get plenty of fishes. ☺

I had a long and fun day! :))

The Higantes Festival

The town of Angono is also known for the Higantes Festival which the town celebrates every 23rd of November in honor of San Clemente. Colorful higantes (giants) made from paper mache which measures ten to twelve feet in height are being paraded and danced on the street as a symbol of merrymaking which marks the start of the town fiesta. The festival was actually the idea of Mr. Vocalan, the owner of Balaw-Balaw restaurant to encourage more tourists to visit the town.

The Patron Saint of Fishermen

According to stories, not long time ago an image of San Clemente was found by a fisherman in the Laguna de Bay which is the main source of livelihood of the townsmen of Angono. From then on,  St. Clement was hailed as the patron saint of the town and every year a feast is celebrated in honor of him. The feast usually coincides with the feast of Christ the King which is another important celebration in the church calendar held a week before the first Sunday of Advent.

San Clemente, the Patron Saint of Fishermen. 

Ninang Vilma. (Right)

Tita Junette. (Mom and Dad's friend)

Kapitana Rachel Camille Ibañez Garcia (left) and Tenyenta Denise Gail Tajan Tumibay. (right)

Mama Mary.

Makulay ang buong bayan, nagsasaya ang lahat ng tao sa paligid, pero sa loob ko, ako ang higit na nagdiriwang, punong-puno ng galak at kasiyahan.- Pepe, Higantes Festival 23Nov2011. 

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