Sunday, 27 November 2011
Guess what I bought today... Yay! Posted at 6:46 PM 0 comments (+)
Home now from the mall. Bought something for myself. I'm the happiest! Haha. I bought this stuffs for me, for myself only lol. Ngayon na lang ulit ako nakapag shopping para sa sarili ko. I so love my dad! I'm such a spoiled brat. Such a daddy's little girl ever. Thank you daddy for giving me money, I owe you bigtime! I love you. :)

What I bought a while ago. 

Sassy colors nail polish. Aquamarine, nail art red and colorless nail polish.

My all time favourite ever bilena lip and cheek stain. I so love the smell and the color. So red! 

Nichido liquid eyeliner.

And a new curlash for me! The old one is broken. Yayay! Happy now. ☺


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