Wednesday, 14 September 2011
I REGRET THAT YOU EVEN BECAME MY FRIEND. Posted at 7:59 PM 0 comments (+)
What’s the use? You always lie to us, you don’t trust us, you backstab us, you just use us and the list goes on. We care for you, seriously. But now, we have realized that you only throw away the people that truly cares for you. You don’t deserve any sympathy right now, and to be honest with you… We all regret that we even called you friend. You always want to be the one that’s right, to be the one’s who’s always taken care of, but you should learn how to take care of other people as well. We are all damaged by the fact that you talk shit behind our back, and it’s not fair. We cared for you, we really did, but I think you don’t even give a fuck.

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