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The Fierce Wife. Posted at 5:50 PM 0 comments (+)
I love this Taiwanese Drama afternoon show. 

Kristine was happily married with one daughter until her husband cheated on her with her cousin. And the ensuing divorce became a battle of love and wits.

This is originally a Taiwanese Drama that was related to most people in some instances to be in loved by your brother-in-law. By the way, most situations depends on what realization is happening to a family. Kristine as the perfect wife became a fierce wife because she wants to fight her responsibility as a wife to Louie. There world is surrounded by Kristine's cousin Me-Ann.

Since Kristine married to Louie ten years ago, she had been nothing short of the perfect wife to him, and the perfect mother to their five-year-old daughter. Me-ann, Kristine’s cousin, arrives from USA one day to stay with them and proceeds to seduce Louie, and they have an affair. He becomes selfish and cold-hearted, and files for divorce.
Kristine is devastated and begs Louie not to, but he forces Kristine to sign the divorce papers while Kristine lies in the hospital, injured from an accident, by promising her the house and half his pay as compensation.
Kristine looks for a job and meets Timmy, her boss whom she nicknamed Cauliflower because of his hair. He falls in love with her, and in the process revitalizes her spirit.
Meanwhile, Louie loses his job as he deals with the mentally ill Me-ann, who eventually leaves him for she is no longer attracted to him when he has nothing.
Louie tries to get back with Kristine. He tells her how he wishes that he could go back to the ordinary days they had, where he played with their daughter while she made dinner. He is willing to exchange the rest of his life for this one ordinary day.
Tenderly she touches his tear-stained cheeks and tells him, ‘But I can’t go back anymore.                                   

Amanda Zhu as Me-ann.

Sonia Sui as Kristine.

Chris Wang. (Me-ann's Ex-boyfriend)

Janel Tsai. (Louie's Ex-girlfriend)

Hugs and kisses;

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