Wednesday, 24 August 2011
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Thank you...

1. For always holding my hand wherever we go.

2. For taking care of cry baby me, drunk as shit me, paranoid me, fragile me, and all other possible versions of me.

3. For never failing to make me crack with your jokes, no matter how corny they may be. And yes, most of them usually are.

4. For allowing me to be comfortable in my own skin by always telling me I'm beautiful, even when I feel like I'm not. Especially then.

5. For forgiving my shortcomings that seem to be freeflowing.

6. For being able to soothe me with your words when I am then again acting like a major lunatic.

7. For making me soup and bringing me medicine with every toothache and fever.

8. For helping me out with all sorts of trouble I get my clumsy ass into.

9. For lending me your graphic novels and being super patient explaining them to me through your adorable geeky-ness.

10. For listening to my whiny songs when I ask you to despite your opposite taste in music. And for not calling it stupid or lousy.

11. For always bringing me home at any time of the day. Even after a crazy fight. Even when my stubborn head tells you not to.

12. For worrying and looking out for me.

13. For taking the time to get to know the people close to my heart.

14. For calling me every night before we go to sleep.

15. For trying to answer my never-ending questions that pop out of the blue about all sorts of things.

16. For explaining to me that a Columbary is a place where people get cremated, and not a place where they bury Columbians. :D

17. For introducing me to your family despite all the odds.

18. For making my heart melt with such beautiful poems that spring from your beautiful mind.

19. For going shopping with me and not caring about looking less manly.

20. For changing for me. Even if it was hard and meant losing a huge part of who you used to be in the past.

21. For trusting me always and in turn, in your best effort, trying to ensure that I never lose my trust in you again.

22. For singing and dancing along with me, looking all funny and silly. In the car, at the mall, on the streets, wherever!

23. For not giving a fuss about me gaining a few pounds.

24. For the hand massages and foot rubs.

25. For trying to text even when you're dead busy.

26. For being my foodtrip buddy.

27. For trying out daring things with me just for the heck of it, even when it sometimes is out of your comfort zone.

28. For not making me go on long walks and do things that might exhaust me. For not hating me for being such a lazy bum.

29. For always trying to talk and discuss matters with me through all the fights we've had.

30. For never ceasing to please me even when I already am.

31. For standing up against anyone who thinks or speaks badly of me.

32. For not judging me based solely on my mistakes in the past. For that open mind and heart you got for me.

33. For being honest with me despite the possibility that the truth might make me go all psychotic girlfriend on you.

34. For now avoiding things that might upset, disappoint or infuriate me.

35. For allowing me to take care of you amidst the hard and strong facade you throw at people.

36. For the patience you have for me that I seriously do not know where you're getting.

37. For being incredibly selfless with me.

38. For loving me despite me pushing you away with all my crap. Unconditionally, completely, and always.

39. For the 22 cuuuhrazzy wonderful months you've shared with me.

40. And above all, for coming into my life along with all the other reasons I spend my days being thankful for.


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