Wednesday, 22 June 2011
That insecure, clingy, jealous, nagging, overly sensitive, annoying girl. Posted at 1:15 AM 0 comments (+)
What is a perfect girlfriend? They say there’s no such thing as perfection, and that she doesn’t exist.
Oh trust me darling, she does.
She dresses up all cute and pretty every time you take her out on a date. This is her way of keeping you interested. You stare at other girls instead, and she gets hurt and upset that all her time and effort were put to waste.
You call her insecure.
She holds on to you like she’s never letting you go. This is her way of telling other girls that she’s lucky that she has you, and no, you’re not available.
You call her clingy.
She calls you the sweetest nicknames, or ones that only you two will understand. This is her way of saying how special you are, and that there’s nobody else in this world like you. You call other girls “BABE” just as how you would call her, and she gets disappointed.
You call her shallow and jealous.
She checks up on you, making sure you made it home safely or that you’re not out getting yourself into any kind of trouble. This is her way of showing how often she thinks about you and that she worries constantly because that’s how much she cares.
You say she’s nagging.
She cries when you do or say something wrong. This is her way of saying “That hurt only because YOU said it and I love YOU.”
You call her overly sensitive and emotional.
She loves you more than you love her. This is her way of dealing with the fact that your relationship wasn’t like how it used to be, but she is willing to make room for more love and some changes. You push her away.
You call her dramatic and annoying.
So go ahead. Try to leave the insecure, clingy, jealous, nagging, overly sensitive, annoying girl.
She will soon be much happier in the arms of someone who actually deserves her: the perfect boyfriend.


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